Florida is lucky to have 2 coastlines within easy reach of Providence, Orlando


Atlantic Coast

The two most famous ones are Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach. Daytona is 23 miles long and cars are permitted from sunrise to sunset. In early Feb you get about 200,000 NASCAR fans visiting for the Daytona 500. You can hire everything you need for watersports fun. Daytona is about 90 minutes drive from Providence.

Cocoa Beach is right next to the Kennedy Space Centre on Americas Space Coast and is the closest beach to Orlando. Cocoa Beach is home to the famous Ron Jon's Surf Shop and is about 80 minutes drive from Providence.


Gulf Coast

During the Summer months the water on the Gulf Coast is about 5 degrees F warmer than on the Atlantic Coast. You have the Sarasota Beaches which are about 2 hours drive from Providence.

For live information on all the Beaches including water temperatures, wind, crowds and current conditions  Click here

Sarasota Beaches:  

Lido Key is nestled between Longboat Key to the north and Siesta Key to the south and boasts three beaches: North Lido, Lido Beach, and South Lido. The key received its name when John Ringling, a fan of Italian culture, referred to its beaches by using the Italian word “lido,” which means “beach.

Siesta Key; the eight-mile island of Siesta Key is accessible by two bridges from the mainland. Comprised Siesta Beach (widely regarded as one of the best beaches in the world), Crescent Beach, and Turtle Beach, the key attracts families and sunbathers by day and party-goers by night.

Longboat Key is the northernmost and longest island along Sarasota’s coast, boasting 12 miles of shoreline. During the summer season, Longboat Key is a popular beach for turtles to nest and lay their eggs. Enjoy relaxing views of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, smaller crowds and a laid-back vibe on this relaxing destination.